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MBX Bristle Blaster

The MBX Bristle Blaster is a pneumatic or electric power tool that uses a specially designed rotary bristle belt to achieve corrosion and coating removal as well as creating an anchor profile. The bristle tips strike the surface with a kinetic energy equivalent to that of grit blast media, producing a texture and visual cleanliness similar to a grit blasted surface. The anchor profile can be measured by conventional means, such as Testex Tape, at up to 2.5 to 3.0 mils on hardened steel.

What this tool can provide is an alternative to abrasive blasting that produces a surface similar to that obtained by abrasive blasting. It is an excellent tool for weld seams, bolt heads and othe irregular surfaces. Where spot cleaning is necessary along with an anchor profile, the Bristle Blaster achieves the requirement without the setup, containment, and cleanup issues associated with abrasive blasting.

The Bristle Blaster is sold primarily in kit form consisting of: pneumatic or electric Bristle Blaster; 5 each 11mm carbon steel Bristle Blasting Belts; 5 each 23mm Bristle Blasting Belts; 1 each 11mm and 23mm Housings; 1 Dust Intake Attachment (only for the pneumatic Bristle Blaster); 1 padded tool case for all items.

The Dust Intake Attachment for the pneumatic Bristle Blaster can be hooked up to a HEPA vacuum to achieve a measure of containment of the debris generated by the tool. It is not as effective as a full shroud, but is helpful.

Click here for brochure on the MBX Bristle Blaster.